Meet The Rector

Dr. (Mrs) Olufunke Akinkurolere

I would like to welcome you warmly to the Ogun State Institute of Technology (OGITECH) Igbesa (formerly Gateway Polytechnic Igbesa), one of the nation’s leading tertiary institutions. OGITECH is particularly proud of its thriving and dynamic basic and advanced technology programmes designed to enhance man and state’s capacity building. It is a globalization compliant institution which provides opportunities to corporate and self sponsored candidates to select appropriate Ordinary National and Higher National programme of study that best soothe their academic and career development aspirations.
The Ogun State Institute of Technology Igbesa come across a leading ICT based tertiary institution in Nigeria established to run Ordinary National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in Engineering, Sciences, Environmental Technology, Communication and Management courses since 2005. All courses offered at OGITECH are accredited by the National Board for Technical Education.
By choosing Ogun State Institute of Technology, you will glean a kind of knowledge that adequately prepare you for a wide-range of roles within the spectrum of multi-national companies and IT industry with the help of added IT industry internet giant hub Cisco Systems Programmes.